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Friends, hello everyone! Once again, the hosting changed the IP address. Our server exists since December 8, 2020! Our previous hosting stopped cooperation with all administrators from Russia, so we had to urgently look for a new one. Found and created a new server. But the difficulties did not end there, and the new hosting decided to upgrade the hardware on the servers, and therefore we were forced to change the address again. I hope this cooperation does not stop like this suddenly, after almost 3 years. Here is a link to the past (very first) description of our server: https://www.gs4u.net/en/s/159635.html

Well, now to the point! I invite you to our friendly PVE\RP server. Our server will gladly accept fans of a calm and peaceful game. From time to time we have interesting events with valuable prizes. We have a very friendly community. The players help each other. Also, the administration is often present in the game, responding to complaints about violations of the rules. Well, always open to dialogue in the discord. Our server has a website, a discord (more than 500 members already) and a VK group for feedback from the players. First of all, we recommend reading the rules of the game on the server, the FAQ section in the discord or on the website in order to avoid many questions in the future. We are waiting for everyone, have a nice game!

Our settings:

  • loot 1x;
  • metabolism is a little slow;
  • frequent airdrops (interval from 20 to 40 minutes);
  • all restrictions on the construction of bases on the map have been removed;
  • you can occupy and build on any textured residential buildings in villages and towns (detached garages cannot be occupied and closed if they are not part of your base and are not built up by your fence along with the house);
  • player bases are now completely invulnerable, as well as installed locks on doors, gates and vehicles;
  • each player can have 1 vehicle of each type (car, motorcycle and boat);
  • game day lasts 4 hours of real time;
  • night on the server lasts no more than 25-30 minutes (from 23:00 to 2:00, then dawn);
  • reduced damage from zombies;
  • balanced damage to players (both firearms and hand-to-hand combat);
  • slightly reduced fuel consumption and battery discharge rate;
  • increased the “multiplier” of fame points by 2.5 times;
  • the shelf life of cars at the bases (if the player does not interact with them) is 30 days (as are the bases themselves).

connect with us:

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