In our list of servers there are all official servers with custom weapons mod.

Steam Group:

Information from the group:

"Custom TF2 Weapons" adds new weapons to the game without you needing to manually install a thing! You automatically download the required files when connecting to one of our servers.


Updates 3.1.3 - 3.1.7 has many changes in terms of stability and speed of the system.

List of changes:

  • Added support for servers for Killing Floor 2
  • A picture showing only the status of a server 56x15 now has a background color setting. If earlier there was only a black background color, then now you can choose any color.
  • Hidden list of plugins for Minecraft servers. Many administrators of Minecraft servers asked us to hide the list of plugins. We listened to these requests.
  • Improved server pages. Free space is now used much better, depending on which device the page is viewed on.
  • Now for each server is displayed the number of points earned by the server.

Now server owners can customize the HTML web module according to your wishes for website design!

All colors, height, width, and even the font size!

As an example, there is already coordinated lighting design.

Monitoring has been updated to version 3.1! Many of you have noticed the changes, but I would like to tell a little bit more detail about the most important innovations and improvements.

  • The first and most important thing is the support of the English language. Now you can switch between the Russian and English languages on any page.
  • Search began to work smarter. Now if you are looking for a server, and you know the names of only a few parts, just write they space separated. That is, if the early to find a server with the name "My best Server" it was necessary to look for "My best s" now you also can find this server with search query "My ser".
  • Now, any server can get for free place on the first monitoring page! The new ranking system now works in addition to premium-points system. We count the number of page views for each server. As well we count a views of banners on other sites. Shares on social networks we count too. All this affects the server's rating. Everything about the ranking can be found here: What determines the server's rating?