- DayZ Standalone cервер з  Росія, Moscow

Версія: 1.21.156201
Час: 09:13
Прискорення часу День: x6, Ніч: x3
7 із 40
Розташування:  Росія, Moscow
Доданий: 2 роки назад
Інформація оновлена: 23 секунди назад
Карта: chernarusplus

It's a PVE server with unique mods and its own atmosphere

A unique modpack of its kind:

  • Quests.
  • 30 new weapons.
  • New sights.
  • ATMs at merchants
  • New weapon sounds.
  • Energy


  • Ford Bronco
  • Land Cruiser 100
  • Oshkosh M-ATV
  • UAZ 469 OffRoad
  • UAZ 3909
  • KrAZ
  • Niva Pickup Truck
  • Camper

New armor and clothing:

  • 6 variants of new body armor with its own customization system.
  • A lot of different military clothing in different colors.
  • New battle helmets.

Automatic event "Zombie Convoy" and "Helicopter Crash:

  • You are notified of the event's location by an in-game message.
  • A group of strong zombies will spawn at the venue of the event.
  • After the zombies are destroyed, loot boxes will fall out of them, or it will open by helicopter.
  • Many variants of loot boxes with different loot.


  • Zarya Survivors' Camp
  • Military trader "Sharp"
  • Auto workshop Altar".

Wandering "Black Trader":

  • Moves around the map about once every 1 hour.
  • Alerts are sent to all players about his location when moving.
  • You can buy and sell goods at more favorable prices.
  • You can buy exclusive weapons and armor that an ordinary
    merchant does not have.
  • There is no safe zone.

Chemical contaminated area:

  • Pavlovo, The Ship Berezino.
  • A full set of chemical protection is required.

PVP zones:

  • Military base "Tisa" (spawn loot boxes with rare weapons)
  • Northwest Airport
  • Military base "Troitskoe"
  • Three crosses

Assembling mods in the workshop:

Discord: https://discord.gg/tkbgA2mtQd
VK: https://vk.com/dzllservers
Sait: https://dayzilla.ru/

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requiredversion   121
response_type   s
time   09:13
timeleft   15
version   1.21.156201
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