This status is assigned to a server that uses monitoring on a paid basis.

You can buy the PLUS Server status only for one year and renew it only 90 days before its expiration.

Why do you need this status?

  1. It is a financial support for our team. Or as they say today: "Donation". As you have already noticed, our website is not overloaded with advertising banners. We do not integrate advertising for third-party products or services. And this is only possible if you help us by buying our products.
  2. The server gets extra free points for the rating. This brings the server very high in the server lists.
  3. Your server get the PLUS Server icon in the list of servers, which distinguishes the server from others.
  4. Server information will be updated twice as often, that is every minute!
  5. The server page will no longer display ads from other Top 10 servers.
  6. You can hide the IP address of the server.
  7. The server will be able to update information via API. If we already have a plugin for your game, then through the plugin. If not, you can write a plugin that will send information about your server to us through the API.

How do I buy it?

  1. In order to buy the PLUS Server status, you need to confirm the server rights.
  2. Once you have confirmed your server rights, go to your profile and then to My Servers.
  3. Next to your server you will see a button with a Euro "€" sign. Click on this button and you will be taken to a page where you can start paying for PLUS Server status.