Monitoring has been updated to version 3.1! Many of you have noticed the changes, but I would like to tell a little bit more detail about the most important innovations and improvements.

  • The first and most important thing is the support of the English language. Now you can switch between the Russian and English languages on any page.
  • Search began to work smarter. Now if you are looking for a server, and you know the names of only a few parts, just write they space separated. That is, if the early to find a server with the name "My best Server" it was necessary to look for "My best s" now you also can find this server with search query "My ser".
  • Now, any server can get for free place on the first monitoring page! The new ranking system now works in addition to premium-points system. We count the number of page views for each server. As well we count a views of banners on other sites. Shares on social networks we count too. All this affects the server's rating. Everything about the ranking can be found here: What determines the server's rating?