There are two ways to get to the top of the server list.

The first is simple, the second is more complicated and takes a lot of time.

1. The easiest way.

Premium points help your server to quickly get to first positions.

For its price, this is a very effective way to promote the server.

If you buy a premium point for the server, its position is always higher for 30 days than for a server without premium points.

First of all, servers with premium points are always displayed in the server lists.

For more information on premium eyewear, see "What are the premium points?".

2. Free method.

To get to the first positions for free, make sure that the server page is visited and that players share the link to the server page in social networks. There are many factors that affect the location of the server in the list. We recommend that you read more about it in the article "What determines the server's rating?".


For the best effect, it's best to promote the server with premium points, and at this point it's best to make sure the free rating is good too. Premium points will attract new players and they will help you raise the rating.

It's best to do everything in this order:

  1. Claim your server.
  2. Add a description of the server with links to your site. And also about how to contact the admin.
  3. Buy your server premium points.
  4. Place our server banner on your website.
  5. Share the link to your social network server.