7dtd.thehatedcrew.com:26910 - 7 Days to Die server from  United States, Chicago

IP:Port 7dtd.thehatedcrew.com:26910  
Version: Alpha.19.3.6
2 of 30
Location:  United States, Chicago
Added: 1 year ago
Information updated: 16 seconds ago

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2072 / 18464
Points: 195
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airdropfrequency   72
airdropmarker   True
anticheat   0
appid   251570
architecture64   True
bedrollexpirytime   45
blockdamageai   100
blockdamageaibm   100
blockdamageplayer   100
blockdurabilitymodifier   -1
bloodmoonenemycount   10
bloodmoonfrequency   7
bloodmoonrange   0
bloodmoonwarning   8
bots   0
buildcreate   False
compatibilityversion   Alpha 19.3
countrycode   XX
currentplayers   2
currentservertime   14579236
daycount   3
daylightlength   18
daynightlength   90
dedicated   d
description   7 Days To Die
dropondeath   0
droponquit   0
eacenabled   False
edf_extradataflags   177
edf_gameid   251570
edf_gameport   26912
edf_steamid   90143659489980419
enemydifficulty   0
enemyspawnmode   True
gamedifficulty   3
gamehost   -= The Hated Crew II =- | PvE | Darkness Falls 3.3A
gamemode   Survival
gamename   January
gametype   7DTD
isdedicated   True
ispasswordprotected   False
ispublic   True
landclaimcount   2
landclaimdeadzone   25
landclaimdecaymode   2
landclaimexpirytime   45
landclaimofflinedelay   0
landclaimofflinedurabilitymodifier   0
landclaimonlinedurabilitymodifier   0
landclaimsize   41
levelname   Cupeta Valley
lootabundance   100
lootrespawndays   7
maxplayers   30
maxspawnedanimals   50
maxspawnedzombies   100
moddedconfig   True
netcode   17
os   w
partysharedkillrange   250
ping   -1
platform   WindowsPlayer
playerkillingmode   0
port   26910
requiresmod   False
response_type   s
serverdescription   Visit www.thehatedcrew.com for more information. Come join a great community.\n[FFF000]READ Server Rules Splash Screen!
serverloginconfirmationtext   Welcome to The Hated Crew 7 Days To Die PvE server.\nYou must have Darkness Falls 3.3A installed to connect to this server.\nRules:\nThis is a PVE ONLY server! A Point Of Interest (POI) is any structure containing lootable items. Modifying is digging, destroying, land claiming, building, or placing items. Looting player bases or equipment is NOT allowed, except for expired land claims. Modifying commercial, industrial, special, or other high value POIs is NOT allowed. You may modify houses outside city regions. You may only use a POI for horde night IF you have a quest that will reset the POI, AND you reset the POI after horde night is over. Modifying or blocking roads is NOT allowed. Modifying anything within the same region or within 300 blocks of Traders, Lobby, other community buildings, cities, or towns is NOT allowed. City and town regions are subject to reset.\n\nWEBSITE:\nPlease read the complete server rules on our website before playing.\nVisit our website at www.thehatedcrew.com for more information.
servervisibility   2
serverwebsiteurl   www.thehatedcrew.com
showfriendplayeronmap   True
steamid   90143659489980419
stockfiles   True
stocksettings   False
version   Alpha.19.3.6
xpmultiplier   100
zombiebmmove   3
zombieferalmove   3
zombiemove   0
zombiemovenight   3
zombiesrun   -1

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