- 7 Days to Die server from  Spain, Valencia

Version: Alpha.21.2.30
Language: English
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Location:  Spain, Valencia
Added: 8 months ago
Information updated: 15 minutes 26 seconds ago
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Map: Navezgane

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airdropfrequency   48
airdropmarker   False
allowspawnnearbackpack   True
anticheat   0
appid   251570
architecture64   True
bedrolldeadzonesize   15
bedrollexpirytime   10
blockdamageai   100
blockdamageaibm   125
blockdamageplayer   100
blockdurabilitymodifier   -1
bloodmoonenemycount   12
bloodmoonfrequency   7
bloodmoonrange   0
bloodmoonwarning   0
bots   0
buildcreate   False
currentplayers   0
currentservertime   14499
daycount   3
daylightlength   18
daynightlength   120
deathpenalty   1
dedicated   d
description   7 Days To Die
dropondeath   3
droponquit   0
eacenabled   True
edf_extradataflags   177
edf_gameid   251570
edf_gameport   26900
edf_steamid   90181267868049438
enemydifficulty   0
enemyspawnmode   True
freeplayerslots   64
gamedifficulty   3
gamehost   [PVP] FUERTE APACHE 2.0
gamemode   Survival
gamename   FORT APACHE
gametype   7DTD
isdedicated   True
ispasswordprotected   True
ispublic   True
landclaimcount   2
landclaimdeadzone   30
landclaimdecaymode   0
landclaimexpirytime   7
landclaimofflinedelay   0
landclaimofflinedurabilitymodifier   60
landclaimonlinedurabilitymodifier   30
landclaimsize   31
language   English
levelname   Navezgane
lootabundance   100
lootrespawndays   7
maxchunkage   7
maxplayers   64
maxspawnedanimals   64
maxspawnedzombies   100
moddedconfig   True
netcode   17
os   w
partysharedkillrange   1000
ping   -1
platform   WindowsPlayer
playerkillingmode   2
port   26900
region   Europe
requiresmod   False
response_type   s
serverdescription   100% FULL PVPTrader close at 21:55 to 04:05Raid ONNo administrator player, it's 100% discord operative============ > Initial kit to help new users from day 100
serverloginconfirmationtext   ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::FUERTE APACHE:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - Join our DISCORD server - Read our rules and accept the terms and conditions. - You will be kept informed of all changes, improvements and new features on the server. - You will be able to participate in server changes and improvements. - You will be able to report server problems. - You can communicate with the administrator.============================== - Únete a nuestro servidor de DISCORD - Lee nuestras normas y acepta las condiciones. - Te mantendrás informado de todos los cambios, mejoras y novedades del servidor. - Podrás participar en los cambios y mejoras del servidor. - Podrás reportar problemas del servidor. - Puedes comunicarte con el administrador.https://discord.gg/U8zqvKGUcn
serverversion   Alpha.21.2.30
servervisibility   2
serverwebsiteurl   https://discord.gg/U8zqvKGUcn
showfriendplayeronmap   True
steamid   90181267868049438
stockfiles   True
stocksettings   False
uniqueid   5e168c0dcb684410a9c59e1508c6dac8
version   Alpha.21.2.30
worldsize   6144
xpmultiplier   100
zombiebmmove   4
zombieferalmove   3
zombieferalsense   2
zombiemove   0
zombiemovenight   2
zombiesrun   -1

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