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Version: 41.78.16
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Location:  United States
Added: 4 months ago
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Discord: https://discord.com/invite/n5KdUUf5bj

The disease has wiped out nearly everyone. How will you survive?
There is no password, leave it blank!
- Make sure you have the "Use Steam Relay" option enabled.

Extra server information:

  • PVP = Always enabled.
  • Loot Respawns = Monthly
  • Read Speed = Fast(er)
  • Day Length = 3 hours
  • Safehouses = Can be created after 1 day of survival. Provides a respawn point. Factions can be created instantly.

Sandbox Settings:

  • Zombie Population = High. 5% sprinters. (Urban Focused)
  • Electricity/Water shutoff = Never 
  • Loot Rarity = Insanely rare
  • Compost Time = 1 Week
  • Plant Growth Time = Fast

Zombie Settings:

  • 5% sprinters, the rest is fast shamblers.
  • Saliva only transmission.
  • Can trigger alarms.
  • Deal slightly less damage to player made structures.
  • 2-3 days to turn once bitten.
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_org_players   0
anticheat   1
appid   108600
bots   0
dedicated   d
description   Project Zomboid
description:12   Extreme Cold. Massive map extensions, always unlooted areas to explore. Additional vanilla-like vehicles. Whitelist at discord.
description:22   gg/KYubamPAU
edf_extradataflags   177
edf_gameid   108600
edf_gameport   26920
edf_steamid   90175281907743756
modcount   292
mods   RavenCreek;EerieCountry;InGameMaps;Fort Knox;Barricaded Strip Mall Challenge;BlueBZone;BedfordFalls;Bendys Bunker v2
netcode   17
open   1
os   l
public   1
pvp   1
response_type   s
version   41.78.16

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