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We are super excited here at Sanctuary to officially announce the launch of our brand new community Project Zomboid server "Haven"!! With over 150 mods (modlist below) that add 35 new areas and dozens of new weapons and cosmetics to wear the server should be a good time and have a long term feel! We are going to a realistic and gritty roleplay feel, so im excited to see the characters everyone comes up with! This is a serious server, not something for you to grind out and reset in a weekend. Come play!! There is a whitelist, check below for application info, and the server will restart every 8 hours for posterity and workshop updates.

Discord server to apply: 


  1. All Sanctuary general rules apply to the Haven server, check rules-info for more info.
  2. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of use of cheats or exploits. We demand our players to play the game with the spirit of fair play in mind. The game should be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with other players.
  3. This is a faction based server and one with an emphasis on Roleplay, we use a "Fair Play" system when it comes to server PVP When youre on the server your character should behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in, keeping the current world situation and context of post-apocalyptic world in mind. Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your character's life and survival. Further PVP and RP rules are as follows:
    1. Do not focus on the PvP, looting, or raiding aspect of the game. This will likely end up with you having a bad time.
    2. Random Deathmatching (RDM), or Kill-on-Sight (KOS) are bannable offenses. Defined as characters attacking one another immediately upon contacting each other, or without roleplaying any sort of conflict.
    3. Do not grief:
      Do not intentionally go out of your way to ruin someone’s day through the use of in-game mechanics. Destroying structures that are not your own is considered griefing and will be addressed directly by staff on a case by case basis. Deliberately luring zombies to a playerbase while they are offline may also be considered griefing. Consider that the player may be offline, however, their character may be there to protect their property. Pipe Bombs, Molotovs, Grenades, Explosives or any of the variation, in general, Are Not Allowed in PvP
    4. Kill Rights:
      You are allowed to defend yourself from other players when:
      - Your life is at risk from another player’s hostile actions
      - A player does not comply with your demand, such as “Put down your weapons!” or “Sit on the ground!”.
      If the character’s demands are met, kill rights are NOT granted
      Kill Rights can be granted in this way, which lasts for one hour in real time and extend to both sides of the conflict.
    5. Raiding:
      If you are unsure about the owner of a location, or whether or not they are online you should first ask in Discord, and if this yields no results, do no initiate a raid. We strongly advise recording an active raid. Although this isn't a requirement, if concerns are raised later about whether the raid properly adhered to the rules, in the absence of video evidence, staff will generally favor the defendant. If the base belongs to a faction, only one member of that faction needs to be online for the raid to be considered a legal Raid. Declaration of a base being abandoned is done entirely at admin discretion and will depend on a number of factors.
  4. Faction recruiting should be kept exclusively to the recruitment-jobs channel to avoid spam. to post a faction "help wanted" add please include the following
    -Faction name
    -Hostile, Neutral, or Passive combat status.
    -Current faction members
    -At least a few paragraphs about the factions workings and general vibe. 

I think this will draw in a decent amount of new people once it gets rolling, so the server is going to be whitelisted. To apply for entry please DM me the following.

-The in game name and password you wish to use.

-If you plan to: Work solo, join an existing faction, or create your own faction.

-How long you have been playing and your self assessed skill level.

-The character you intend to make and something unique about them.

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