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Welcome to Project Git Gud!

our discord channel:

We are not a roleplay server, this is a hardcore experience. 
To balance the PvP we use a collection of maps that have been made compatible with each other, we truly have a huge map to get yourself lost in.  

We have an extensive mod list that is continuously updated by our active admins. If you add the server by pasting the ip address the server may appear offline, to fix this find the server on the "internet" tab and use filter "git"

  • PvP is enabled
  • Safehouses are disabled (dont be dumb and build ur base in the middle of a city)
  • XP x 2.5
  • Zombification On
  • Sleep On
  • Loot respawn 20 hours irl
  • F1 to surrender
  • Turn ON in the game settings (Double-sized textures: YES)


  1. Cars:
    '82 Oshkosh M911 '85 Mercedes-Benz W123 '87 TOYOTA Land Cruiser FJ60 '89 Land Rover Defender 110 '89 Land Rover Defender 90 '91 Range Rover Classic '92 AM General M998 + M101A3 Trailer 1967 Chevrolet Impala 1969 Ford Mustang 429 Boss 1970 Ford Mustang 302 Boss 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo Apocalypse Machinez 1 Wheels Apocalypse Machinez 2 Wheels Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Jaap Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Fjord Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Bus Autotsar Trailers Snowy dynamic cars Filibuster Rhymes Used Cars Felicia'97 Ford GT40 MK1 HondaCivicEM1 Itasha+GawrGura KIA Sportage 1998 SUV McLaren Nissan Skyline GTR R34 Paint Your Ride Vehicle Chop Shop Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Recycle Vehicle Parts Compact Betto Fiat UNO 83 (edited)

  2. Clothes:
    Authentic Z Buy Skyrim Fluffy Hair HEAD G.E.A.R Ponchos Repair Any Clothes SCP Enforcement Shark Law Enforcement Overhaul Spongie's Clothing USMC Armory

  3. Guns: Britas Weapon Pack Arsenal 26 Bushcraft Gear Dildo Bat Weapon Condition Indicator
    QoL: Project Cannabinoid Customizable Zombies Minimal Display Bars More Traits Out the window Prisonner Gun Suicide ExtraSauceQoL Combat Text Cannibalism Better Sorting

  4. Maps:
    Alexandria, Astoria/Meadowbrook Asylum BallinCoolin Bedford Base Astaroth BarcoAbandonado Brandenburg BunkerOZ California CaliforniaExt Camp Hill Challenge Map 1 Challenge Map 2 Corn Farm + Gas Station DeadCruise Drayton Rebuild Dreadwood Downtown East Bridge East Muldraugh Nature Reserve Eerie County Factory Firewatch Overlook Fort Knox Fort Redstone Grove Beach Harrison memorial hospital and cdc, Hashima Island Hershels farm Hilltop Hilltop Survivor's Camp Homely House Kapput Knox County MP La Casa Del Lago / Lagoon's House Lake Ivy Lakewood Cabin Lobii City Louisiana Manhattown McDonalds Medieval Zomboid Military Complex Mir dla boev Monroeville New Denver from Slocan Lake, BC New Hamilton Next Day:RolePlay Maps Oceanside, Odintsovo and Silent Hill Over the River Parkwest Medical Peanut Packaging Plant Phoenix Prison, Ranger Farmstead Red Valley Riverside Gunstore Rosebery from Slocan Lake, BC Saint Lamb & Sirenville Sanctuary, Silverton from Slocan Lake, BC South Muldraugh Stonehill Apartments Strip KY Survival Island Tavern, Terminus, The Island The Limited Area The Kingdom Tiny House in the Forest Trading Post Area + Arena TWD Prison Twinlakes Taproom Vine Grove Winter is Coming West Point Strip Center Woodbury Xonic's Mega Mall
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dedicated   d
description   Project Zomboid
description:12   Join us on Discord: \n - Hardcore PvP server \n - 6 months later \n - random sprinters \n - Toxic fog \n
description:22   - Expanded map(20+ towns
edf_extradataflags   177
edf_gameid   108600
edf_gameport   16261
edf_steamid   90162078622460935
modcount   234
mods   tsarslib;Arsenal(26)GunFighter;Brita;Brita_2;Arsenal(26)GunFighter[Project GitGud];radialmenuapi;ProfessionFrameworkB41Patch
netcode   17
open   1
os   l
public   1
pvp   1
response_type   s
version   41.71

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