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Welcome to The Soul Society!

The Soul Society is a community based roleplaying server! Immerse yourself into 1993 Kentucky and form factions with your friends! We feature a carefully selected mod list to ensure only the most essential qualities of life! As of 01/07/2022 we are now accepting Whitelist Applications to join our community! What are you waiting for? Come on by! Take your login information seriously! We will not recover any lost passwords! (With Exceptions) Please Join the Discord to Apply for the Whitelist! Serious Applicants Only! https://discord.gg/DPvGhJG Server Features

Canada/USA Server Age 18+ Community | Dedicated Server | 3.5 GHZ Intel Xeon 6 Core 12 Thread | 32GB Memory Allocation | 225 GB SSD Roleplay Based, VOIP Required for interaction. New Player Friendly (Feel Free to Ask Questions in the Discord!) Power/Water Off | Insane Population! | 100 Free Trait Pts | 3.5x Exp Gain We Have Factions! Join one or create your own! PVP is Up for Debate! - Undecided as of Right Now! Safehouses are allowed! You may be asked to move your base if it is in an unreasonable place! Daily Server Restarts to improve server stability and keep mods up-to-date. Active Staff! Please be sure to contact me if you are having any issues! Or fill out a ticket on the discord!

Mod List

Water Dispenser Containers! Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars! FuelAPI More Description for Traits Extra Map Symbols Autotsar Tuning Atelier - Vehicels & Trailers Bushcraft Gear - Rare Weapons ZuperCart - Carts & Trolleys TMC True Actions Brita's! & Many More!

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anticheat   1
appid   108600
bots   0
dedicated   d
description   The way Project Zomboid is meant to be played. https://discord.gg/Zy42q5zDwN
edf_extradataflags   177
edf_gameid   108600
edf_gameport   32900
edf_steamid   90159216930446344
modcount   77
mods   ProfessionFrameworkB41Patch;modoptions;tsarslib;EasyConfigChucked;TsarcraftCache2;DefaultAdminSettings;PlayersOnMap;RotatorsLib
netcode   17
open   1
os   l
public   1
pvp   1
response_type   s
version   41.68

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