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Double D PvE ( Limited PvP ) Looking for something a little different, want to be able to keep all your hard earned loot and not have to watch your back constantly?

Want plenty of money earning opportunities? Then jump in and start saving for those big ticket items you crave so much...

This is a PvE server with PvP limited to Hand to Hand, Melee & Throwing.

Server restarts every morning 4am (AEST).

Sentries are disabled.

Only Quad Bikes, Bicycles, Wheelbarrows will spawn regularly on map. You will find a small number of SUV's & Dirt Bikes, and a few planes, maybe the odd Tractor. But all the rest of the vehicles will need to be purchased from the Mechanic.

Inactive vehicles will be destroyed after 21 days.

Fuel is quite scarce at the fuel pumps, so fill up when you can.

Player locks can not be picked.

Bases can not be destroyed.

Zombies & Animals will inflict damage to players inside Outposts.

There are at least 11 Resources/Items that can be sold at the outposts for a decent income. You will need to shop around for which ones offer the special pricing!

Fresh players (or anyone for that matter) can pickup Fooster's Machete from any of the 4 armouries for a low price of around $50

- 15 slot, will be increased as needed.

- Admins around, but not active 100% of the time.

- World Loot x2

- Many more Zombies than official servers.

- Server wipes only when forced by game updates.

Discord: https://discord.gg/nHhSJbwAhd

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