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Are you looking for a PVE server where there is no "stalker", but at the same time it is moderately difficult and interesting to survive? Join our Predators project! In many aspects of the game related to survival, the maximum effort is made towards realism. The game's economy is built in a post-apocalyptic style. At the same time, no bullying of players - absolutely everything can be found on your own. Here you will not see x5 loot, infinite stamina and a safe environment. This is a PVE server where the world around you is dangerous. To survive you will have to look for valuable items, monitor your character's health and appreciate his life!

  • Infected wolf - unique animal living in radiation zones;
  • Leveling hunter, construction and geology, fishing skill;
  • Crafting system with exclusive tools and building materials;
  • 5-stage zombie virus with its own symptoms and effects, from harmless to deadly, ability to craft antivirus;
  • Infection from predatory animals;
  • Life threatening diseases with stages;
  • Unique mental disorder and intoxication;
  • Redesigned and more difficult hunting;
  • New unique fish species;
  • Snares in which you can catch foxes and rabbits;
  • Ability to tear a chicken with bare hands to get food;
  • 4 radiation zones (Alcatraz, Tisy, Troitskoe, Skalisty);
  • Custom atmospheric cars;
  • High online, adequate administration and adult community;

Discord: https://discord.gg/anpGVrB

VK: https://vk.com/dayzpredators

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appid   221100
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description   DayZ
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edf_gametags   battleye,external,privHive,shard,lqs0,etm3.000000,entm8.000000,mod,12:19
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island   chernarusplus
language   65561
netcode   17
os   w
platform   win
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requiredversion   112
response_type   s
timeleft   15
version   1.12.153904

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