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Rules - PvE server

  1.  Absolutely NO PvP:
    — Although you cannot kill other players, it IS possible to injure them and cause them to bleed out.
    — Accidentally shooting someone is understandable so apologize if this is the case.
  2.  No Stealing:
    — If you find another player's vehicle (filled with loot or items) leave it alone.
    — No lockpicking. Ever. Leave other players houses and bases alone.
  3.  No Toxicity:
    — Dont be racist or intentionally hurtfull. People understand jokes but dont be an ass.
  4.  Claiming base:
    — Players are allowed 1 house and 1 garage for personal and vehicle storage.
    — Do NOT claim Workshops, Military buildings, Medical buildings or Food buildings which allow players to loot, eat or heal.
  5.  Looting:
    — Obviously looting is allowed but don't take what you don't need. Do not take items out of containers if you don't need them in hopes to spawn more items. It Does Not Work That Way. Dropping everything you find makes the server unstable and may cause crashes.
    — If found doing this, you will be given a warning. Continue and you will be removed temporarely from the server. Persist and you will be banned.
  6.  Play the game:
    — Find someone to play with or go solo but dont beg or expect hand-outs from players or admins. This is a survival game. Survive.
  7.  Call an available admin:
    — If you need actual help an Admin will assist you when possible to find a solution to your problem.
    — Admins are NOT your personal spawn jockeys. They are here to help, not give you an easy life.

The rules are here for a reason, please respect them for the health of the server

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