New games, better rating system, bug fixes.


  • A very important factor for a good server is its uptime. Therefore we will keep statistics on each server and everyone will be able to see what percentage of the time the server has been online in the last 30 days.
  • Due to the importance of server uptime, this factor also affects its rating. So the first positions of the server list are not filled with long offline servers.
  • If you have bought some Premium Points for your server, you will no longer see advertisements from other servers on its personal page.
  • Statistics about the number of players on the server can now be displayed for different time periods. You can choose between minutes, hours, days and months.
  • Player statistics for the last 24 hours can now be included in the HTML web module.
  • Payment processing for premium points has been moved to a separate tab. Now it's much more convenient to make a purchase on a mobile device.
  • If the server has been removed for some reason, you can quickly and conveniently add the server again just by pressing a button if the server is running again.
  • If you have your own servers and you have confirmed your rights to them, then in the section "My servers" you can now see the status of your servers, as well as the number of players.

New games added:

Fixed bugs:

  • The system of server encoding detection has been improved. Now there will be fewer servers with hieroglyphics instead of the name.
  • Fixed error in server querying with FiveM game, now map is displayed.
  • The number of players on the ARK servers was sometimes displayed incorrectly.