Do you want to play through a cult series Half-Life from start to finish? All parts, all episodes.

Then hurry up and start playing!

Yesterday Valve announced that anyone can play the Half-Life series for free.

To increase interest in its new VR game in the Half-Life universe, it was announced that before the release of Half-Life:Alyx, anyone can install all games in the Half-Life series.

This is a great chance for everyone to not only try the cult game, but to play it through. You have 2 months until the new game is released.



You can play these games for free for the next 2 months:
Half-Life -
Half-Life: Source -
Half-Life: Opposing Force -
Half-Life: Blue Shift -
Half-Life 2 -
Half-Life 2: Episode One -
Half-Life 2: Episode Two -