The first 10 servers in the global ranking will be promoted in the ad unit.

The server that occupies the first position is always in the ad unit and is also highlighted.

After the first server, two more servers from positions 2 to 10 are displayed. To select 2 servers out of 9, the following algorithm is used.
Imagine 100 boxes in which we put the 9 servers, and then randomly select two boxes. Since we have 9 servers and 100 boxes, we will put the same servers in multiple boxes. In order for the server to have a better chance of reaching position 2, it is located in 49 boxes, ie the chance of getting into advertising is 49%. The lower the position of the server, the less likely it is to be found in these boxes.

What are the chances of getting into advertising depending on the position?

  1. position: 100%
  2. position: 98%
  3. position: 40%
  4. position: 20%
  5. position: 12%
  6. position: 10%
  7. position: 8%
  8. position: 6%
  9. position: 4%
  10. position: 2%