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Location:  Russian Federation, Voronezh
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Are you looking for a good PVE server where it is interesting to play? We invite You to the new pve server Dayz Predators!

  • Zombie virus with antiviral craft;
  • Crossbow for stealth with crafting bolts;
  • Balanced spawn loot;
  • Ability to shake trees and search infected people;
  • A variety of weapons, any can be found independently;
  • Infected areas where you can find unique items;
  • A lot of clothes, backpacks, items for landscaping bases;

The server is a cross between hardcore survival and a game for rest and soul. Despite the fact that this PVE server is not worth waiting for an easy walk, the outside world is fraught with many dangers, diseases, a lot of infected, predatory animals, a shortage of tools, ammunition, medicines.

The server is not and will not:

  • Mutants
  • PVP zones

We look forward to seeing You, more information:
Main server mod:

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version   1.08.153276

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