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Location:  Belarus, Minsk
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The server has been down for too long and therefore information is updated less frequently. If the server is working again, then you can request a check. To do this, click on the button: Check

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Greetings to gs4u.net server searchers! I will tell you what you can find on our project:

  • Trade Zones - As many would have thought it was an easy farm and game. But this is not at all true. The economy is designed so that any item in the store will not be easy to buy if you are messing around and not trying to find something of value. The sale of any item in ordinary trade areas is only 25% of the purchase price of the product. There is also a "Black Market". On it you can sell items at 45% of the value of the goods! There is no safe zone on it, which is why it is much more dangerous there than in ordinary trades.
  • Toxic zones - hazardous areas! They are located on the Yews and Troitsky military base. They are much worse than the “Black Market” and S / Z and the Swamps combined! In addition to people who are ready to kill for what is there, there is also green poisonous smoke, which without special chemical protective clothing will burn you alive! But, going there will not leave you unhappy. Of course, if you can survive!
  • Air Drops - a tidbit of any resident of the island! Humanitarian aid from other islands arrives on our island at intervals of every 2 hours and brings with it weapons, medicines and clothing. Nobody knows what will be in advance in this drop. All the top loot, you can pick it from here!
  • Custom locations - everyone knows that vanilla DayZ currently suffers from a lot of content and military structures compared to DayZ Mod, so we try to return the mapping and more. We have a bridge to Alcatraz, Rocky Island (which will soon have a clogged PVP arena), and also restored military men such as Balota, Krasnostav and added military tents on the Prison itself!

I wish everyone who came to our project a successful and pleasant game! If you still have questions or have problems connecting, contact the administration using Discord. 

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