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SOLSURVIVOR is survival!

There are no merchants on our server and other things that can ruin the atmosphere of DayZ. You can find all the necessary information and a balanced list of mods in our group https://vk.com/solsurvivor

  • Our own SOLARIS mod, in which we fix bugs and create a special balance for survival.
  • The time of day is adjusted. The day lasts 2 hours, the night 1 hour, the gaming day passes for 3 hours.
  • Shortage of weapons, food, tools and essentials.
  • Diseases and the atmospheric system of rest (sleep).
  • Returned FISHING mechanics.
  • The mechanics of painting weapons and camouflage using paint cylinders are returned, as it was before.
  • The weapon that was previously in the game is returned.
  • There is a car ZIL 130.
  • Reliable anti-raid system from baguizers.
  • A well-thought-out, complex raid system using explosives (it is only possible to kill).
  • Mod code lock and convenient door opening at any point in the gate.
  • Convenient lockable base cabinets.
  • Increased bonfire burning time to a more realistic one.
  • Base life 4 months.
  • There is a zone contaminated with poisonous gas at the Tisza military facility. In order to visit the facility, it is necessary to collect a complete set of chemical protection.
  • In the castle of Krona is located the "Camp of the Survivors", this is a safe place with a safe zone, where you can pass the night or stop for a rest.
  • The server is located on a quality German hosting, on dedicated hardware.
  • We offer all players to use walkie-talkies in the game at a default frequency of 87.8 MHz if you need help, find out about current quests, events or in finding partners for the game.

Enjoy the game and enjoy survival!

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