- Call Of Duty 4 server from  Russian Federation, Moscow

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Location:  Russian Federation, Moscow
Added: 4 months ago
Information updated: 2 minutes 46 seconds ago
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10865 / 14530
Points: 69
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_cod4 x site   http://cod4x.me
branch   basedonoldstable
build   1004
g_compassshowenemies   0
g_gametype   war
g_mapstarttime   Sat Jun 27 14:43:29 2020
gamename   Call of Duty 4
mapname   mp_crossfire
protocol   18
revision   ecfad090406a58c2a458a43e8a62297720767e5e
shortversion   -
sv_disableclientconsole   0
sv_floodprotect   4
sv_hostname   CoD4Host
sv_maxclients   32
sv_maxping   0
sv_maxrate   100000
sv_minping   0
sv_privateclients   0
sv_pure   1
sv_voice   0
type   -1
uptime   6 minutes
version   CoD4 X - linux-i386 build 1004 May 26 2020

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