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The server has 60 slots running your not-so-typical server specs. The hardware we chose is maximized (within limitations of server hosts) to reduce the downtime of our server, have virtually no lag, and create an enjoyable playing experience.

Yes, we are new. But give us a shot. Join our Discord to become apart of our community and help us grow.

Few Take-aways from our server and why we are different:

  1. Admins do NOT play on the server. In fact, there is only one admin account with admin privilege's and that's to only ban accounts. All Admin logs are kept public for the community to check.
  2. No P2W - Ever! We do offer donation ranks, but are strictly for a whitelist slot and a Discord role. You will NOT get items, money, gear, bases, etc. by donating. We do not believe in that.
  3. Extreme performance server. No downtime, no lag.
  4. No mechs.
  5. 10x Loot
  6. Max Vehicles and Zombies
  7. Chill community that wants to grow and have people join us during this process.

Check us out and see what you like and dislike! The server is the communities server, and you all have the final say on what you would like to see for the server.

Discord: discord.gg/qT4GtHNUtG

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