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Oyun türü: Best Deathmatch | DM
Sürüm: 0.3.7-R2
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Online multiplayer server is free and without registration. You don't need real money to play.
After connecting, without registering on the server, you choose a player and spawn yourself on the game map with a small number of weapons with you, you have to look for weapon pickups.
Players are not visible on the minimap and even in the game you will only see their characters (PUBg system), you will either simply see someone or not, it's up to you.
After each SPAWN, you will appear either on a hot air balloon, or in its basket, or anywhere on the map in the air with a parachute (airdrop).
The winner is the player who reaches the first required SCORE by gaining FRAGES. If none of the players makes it within the specified time limit, no one has won and the next map in the sequence is launched. Maps are limited on all sides, so they have a limited width, length and height. Each map is bounded and cannot be accessed. Maps are from different backgrounds. Currently maps are available on the server:

  • City, beach
  • Mine
  • Harbor
  • Village, river

In the game on the server you can use the command (after pressing the T key):

which will add a parachute. You can make money on it either by performing stunts or by getting SCORE for FRAGS.
Weapons are in the form of pickups, so freely available, you only have to find them on the map. All weapons are on the WZ DM server
(RPG, guided missiles, saw, M4, charges, grenades, MP5, pistol with silencer, etc.)
Each weapon has 5 pickups. There is only one health and bulletproof vest, it is marked on the minimap with a red cross. There are almost all means of transport such as fighter, heli, tank, water cannon, motorcycles, bicycles, sports cars, airplanes, helicopters and ships. Civilian and combat vehicles are distributed differently on the map. In some maps there are also interiors, marked on the minimap with a green house. On the WARZONE DEATHMATCH server, we are also preparing new maps and other improvements.
WARZONE DEATHMATCH server is an action deathmatch server, where you just have to connect at any time and play fair against other players, without purchased
benefits. The server is designed mainly for fun, after work, so that you do not have to spend a lot of hours playing time if you do not want to.

Server website: http://warzone-deathmatch.wz.cz
Youtube and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will be delivered later.

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gamemode   Best Deathmatch | DM
lagcomp   On
mapname   4 maps - San Andreas
version   0.3.7-R2
weather   2
weburl   warzone-deathmatch.wz.cz
worldtime   10:00
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