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Sürüm: 1.09.153419
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Konum:  Rusya Federasyonu, Moscow
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Harita: chernarusplus

Our server has been working since June to this day. We have our own equipment and do not need any "donations".
Playing alone in the sandbox is boring, so we invite you.

Basic information on the server.
What is:

  • Custom locations;
  • Chem. zones (Red Forest and Cherno);
  • Killing zone around the Burner (project Rainbow);
  • Virus (medicine can be found or made);
  • Hummers, uaz and trucks in the most dangerous places (in limited quantities);
  • Disabled damage to vehicles (we take care of nerve cells and therefore, while cars fly and dull, we leave this mod);
  • Some different military clothing and body armor in the spawn for a change.
  • Used a flat roof and while the raid of bases is completely disabled.

Which is not.

  • Traders, only the safe zone on the Altar and that's it.
  • Mod weapons are missing. Only standard guns (for us DayZ is homeless with rifles and pistols, and only experienced stalkers can boast of Fal and VSS);
  • Over Armor and the like (all sorts of juggernauts)

VK group
https://discord.gg/UN3Z4cf number)

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description   DayZ
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version   1.09.153419

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