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PVE Zonen/Sectors: A1, A2, D1 Please read the rules! www.rage-scum.de - Discord: discord.gg/Zuknrh4 The use of mines and traps is forbidden, except for base defence!

For the amusement of the wealthy social class,
we prisoners were put on a reality show.

The global media group TEC1 simply put us
on “Bagne de Cayenne”. A remote island with a lot
Dangers. To us life on the island a bit
a starter package is available for every prisoner
ready not to be torn apart by the bites.

With very good contacts upwards we made it
have not exposed any 'Mechs with us, at least find them
it’s already dangerous enough. Our island is
divided into PvE and PvP zones, both for the experienced
as well as for completely new prisoners, there are up to 9 officers
with advice and action to better deal with the new dangers
a communication network could
we are already rebuilding.

It is next to a homepage
a team peak and a discord server are also available.
In addition to a shop system, the remaining ruins and
Buildings have a high probability of finding useful things.
We wish you much success and a lot of fun.

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