- 7 Days to Die cервер из  Нидерланды, Arnhem

Версия: Alpha.18.3.4
12 из 50
Расположение:  Нидерланды, Arnhem
Добавлен: 8 месяцев назад
Информация обновлена: 55 секунд назад
Карта: Mevugu Mountains
Mevugu Mountains

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2595 / 11254
Очки: 65
Имя игрокаСчётВремя
[Нет имени] 1001:34:48
[Нет имени] 2001:34:47
[Нет имени] 3001:34:38
[Нет имени] 4001:34:36
[Нет имени] 5001:34:29
[Нет имени] 6001:34:27
[Нет имени] 7001:20:36
[Нет имени] 8001:16:56
[Нет имени] 9001:13:01
[Нет имени] 10001:11:27
[Нет имени] 11000:42:27
[Нет имени] 12000:07:51
airdropfrequency   24
airdropmarker   True
anticheat   0
appid   0
architecture64   True
bedrollexpirytime   45
blockdamageai   70
blockdamageaibm   100
blockdamageplayer   100
blockdurabilitymodifier   -1
bloodmoonenemycount   10
bloodmoonfrequency   7
bloodmoonrange   0
bloodmoonwarning   18
bots   0
buildcreate   False
compatibilityversion   Alpha 18.3
countrycode   XX
currentplayers   11
currentservertime   3819453
daycount   3
daylightlength   18
daynightlength   120
dedicated   d
description   7 Days To Die
dropondeath   1
droponquit   0
eacenabled   True
enemydifficulty   0
enemyspawnmode   True
gamedifficulty   4
gamehost   Lands of Anarchy EU:PvP Hardcore
gamemode   Survival
gamename   Pimps_Troll_Factory
gametype   7DTD
isdedicated   True
ispasswordprotected   False
ispublic   True
landclaimcount   5
landclaimdeadzone   30
landclaimdecaymode   2
landclaimexpirytime   14
landclaimofflinedelay   0
landclaimofflinedurabilitymodifier   32
landclaimonlinedurabilitymodifier   24
landclaimsize   31
levelname   Mevugu Mountains
lootabundance   85
lootrespawndays   3
maxplayers   50
maxspawnedanimals   70
maxspawnedzombies   90
netcode   17
os   w
partysharedkillrange   150
ping   -1
platform   WindowsPlayer
playerkillingmode   3
port   25000
requiresmod   False
serverdescription   Lands of Anarchy EU:PvP Hardcore
serverloginconfirmationtext   Welcome to the Lands of AnarchyThis is a server balanced and modded for hardcore pvp, we strongly suggest that you join our discord server (https://discord.gg/Fhcc5RP) to read about the mods and balancing tweaks that has been added to the server, as well as tricks and tips for new players joining the server.Our Rules are very simple: No Cheating. No Exploiting. No Glitching.IT IS THE PLAYER'S OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THE RULES.Insulting Moderator or Admin can result in a ban. The duration of the ban is up to the Moderator or Admin in question.If you are unsure about anything, ask a Moderator or Admin.If you suspect a player is cheating, exploiting or glitching, contact an Admin. Give them any evidence you have, screenshots or recording.We do not permit players to use alternate accounts as storage, if found, the storage account will be banned.Using alternate accounts to infiltrate enemy bases is also not allowed. Doing this will get both your main account and the alternate account banned.Important! The claimblocks are limited to 5 for each player, the claimblocks have also been changed to be more expensive. You will not spawn into the server with a claimblock in your inventory, but you can write /claim in the chat to receive 1 claimblock when you are ready.
servervisibility   2
showfriendplayeronmap   True
steamid   90132220900618247
stockfiles   True
stocksettings   False
version   Alpha.18.3.4
xpmultiplier   100
zombiebmmove   4
zombieferalmove   3
zombiemove   1
zombiemovenight   3
zombiesrun   -1

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