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Location:  United Kingdom
Added: 3 years ago
Information updated: 1 minit 1 second ago

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Position: 435 / 6149
Points: 181

Player nameScore
Usain Bot0
Humphrey Botgart0
Ozzy Osbot0
Clint Eastbot0
Mark Zuckerbot0
Ludwig van Bothoven0
Robot De Niro0
Bot Dylan0
Lebot James0
The Botfather0
Killary Hillbot0
Player nameScore
Bernie Sandbot0
Napoleon Botaparte0
Botney Spears0
Albot Einstein0
Michael Bloombot0
Bot Hole0
Greta Garbot0
Justin Biebot0
Steven Spielbot0
Johann Sebastian Bot0
David Botwie0
Snoop Bot0
Jon Bot Jovi0
Benjamin Botanyahu0
Tronald Dumbbot0

bots   16
cpu   2831
dedicated   1
gamemode   Capture the Flag
motd   P!nkP?nther's Bot Abuse Server featuring REDmosquito's Triumph Mod v2.3ff: http://daen.ch/tribes_base/Triumph_v2.3ff.zipAdmin:<color:FFFFFF>pinkpanther@daen.ch <color:868F00>
no_alias   0
os   L
tournament   0
unknown   787

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