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Location:  Russian Federation, Zhigulevsk
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Map: namalsk

Good afternoon, lovers of Namalsk!

I hasten to invite you to the new project!

The server is based on the NAMALSK map.

Here you will be met by: Friendly, responsive administration. A good start due to the added promotional codes for beginners: (enter when there are no players nearby at a distance of 50 meters!)

!fpromo shadownew (weapon + outfit)
!fpromo shadowbuild (build loot for first base)

There is nothing superfluous among the mods, everything is balanced and adds atmosphere. The server has a dark night enabled. Added auto-run with key setting if you don't have num-pad. Earplugs, for lovers of a quiet game, map, All loot will spawn in moderation, even in the village you can find a rifle and go to fight.

Added 2 chemical zones on the server, on Bering and Skat, where 2 huge military bases are based, stuffed with top equipment! Also added new houses for building. If you liked this information, then come to our server!

Also, do not forget to subscribe to our Discord channel, VKontakte group and visit our website, so as not to miss important information about updates and events!
Discord: https://discord.gg/Vz8rgV3SWX
VK: https://vk.com/shadow_of_namalsk
Site: https://shadowofnamalsk.fun/

We are waiting only for you, friend, because only your decision will affect the further fate of the project!

If you have any questions about the server, please write to Direct Discord: SOBRANSKY#6666

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version   1.15.154355

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