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Welcome to the new server

Opening date: 01 Июля 2021
Discord: http://discord.gg/F3tW4hXFjn

Loot х1,5 (resp. 30 minutes.)
PvP is allowed everywhere in PVP zones and for all players.
300 zombies per world, spawn 10 minutes, damage x 1.5
The lifetime of buildings \ machines is 15 days.
Administration only in the form of a seller in the PVE zone.
There is discord in the store, its own economy.
Exchange in-game fiat money for currency on Discord.
AIR-drops every 10-15 minutes.

  • One of the few servers that has retained its essence of the game,
    for survival here - you have to fight. (Donat is not and will not be)
  • The car will have to be looked for, the administration will be regular
    report free transport on Discord.
  • Also from the Administration will be held events in the
    form of "Treasure hunt", "Drawing" (lottery) and many others.
  • Also, the game currency will be relevant (10, 50, 100 Money).
  • There is a green area for fishing and a shop.

More information can be found on our Discord
Join us!

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