- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Zalesovo

Version: 1.09.153419
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Location:  Russian Federation, Zalesovo
Added: 4 months ago
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  • Our server runs on its own top-end hardware, creating a comfortable game without lags and friezes 24\7.
  • Guaranteed absence of "motovskoy garbage". The build of add-ons consists only of the most necessary, and the server mod does not exceed 300 MB.
  • ChernarusPlusGloom map — the atmosphere of a real post-Apocalypse: roads littered with cars and overgrown with flora, cluttered rooms, traces of blood and leaves on the floor… All this is so realistic that even experienced survivalists will want to walk here more than once.
  • Redesigned loot: now M16 and AK are not lying around at every step. The same goes for food. BK43 and Scorpio — that's what you can count on in the beginning.
  • Do you want a top loot? Collect the protective chemical. suit up and go to the infected area. There you will find what you are looking for.
  • In order not to starve to death - look for food: pears, apples, mushrooms, etc. Otherwise, the survival rate is reduced to zero.
  • "Merchants are for merchants, and merchants don't belong here, and neither do merchants. No traders.
  • Only vanilla transport, Expansion cars, helicopters and ZIL-130. No extra junk.
  • Completely redesigned zombies. Each individual species has individual characteristics and once again do not enter into fights with them, because this is hardcore, and vanilla infected remained on vanilla. There are also crawling creatures.
  • Day and night characteristics of infected people differ. I advise you to go for loot at night, then they will pay less attention to you.
  • Build your shelter using standard construction, or Expansion. Build walls, ceilings, and stairs. The server has everything for comfort, and you can put a helicopter on the roof.
  • Added several diseases and broken arms / legs.
  • Without the GUI map of chernorussia, you will plunge into the world of survival with your head. Just a paper guide and a battery-powered GPS.

Join us right now, and together we will build something that others will admire!

The server administration is always ready to help in solving game problems! Feel the taste of real survival, join us!




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description   DayZ
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version   1.09.153419

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