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Version: 1069
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Location:  Russian Federation
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Top CIS server!

Our group VK - https://vk.com/rustrome

our website - rustrome.ru
Creator - https://vk.com/caesar_777

The first server of our project was launched on December 18, 2014. It is one of the oldest RUST LEGACY servers. From the very beginning of its journey, the huge community of regular players gained popularity, and after a couple of months it became the most popular game server in the world, remaining No. 1 to this day.

Why is it worth playing with us?

  1. Powerful iron
    -All servers write that they have powerful hardware. Do not believe them. The most powerful hardware we have, specially selected for RUST LEGACY.
  2. DDoS Protection
    -Our servers are fully protected from all types of DDoS attacks of any power. No one can disrupt your gameplay.
  3. The best gameplay
    -The game on our servers has a classic spawn loot and rates. As well as additional locations.
  4. Best Administration
    -Playing on our server, you can be sure that the administration will always help you and solve all your problems. Moreover, it never interferes in the gameplay.
  5. Huge online
    -On our servers, the largest online without cheat and the largest number of slots.
  6. Huge community
    -We have the largest community of players. Only in VK group more than 11k real players from our server.
  7. Powerful anti-cheat
    -A powerful anti-cheat with the RUST PROTECT system is installed on our servers. Welcome to the game without cheaters!
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