- Rust server from  South Africa

Version: 2211
3 of 150
Location:  South Africa
Added: 1 year ago
Information updated: 37 seconds ago

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1026 / 11191
Points: 114
Player nameScoreTime
Once In A Wipe Time006:46:52
anticheat   1
appid   0
bots   0
build   45894
cp   3
dedicated   d
description   Rust
description_0   This is a vanilla server, there are no changes to gameplay. The map is wiped every second week. Blue
description_1   prints are wiped on the first Thursday of every month.Last wipe: 1 Jan (map only) - Next: 4 Jan @ U
description_2   pdate (map + blueprints)The admin does not play. There's absolutely no admin influence when it com
description_3   es to gameplay, unfair advantages, pay to win bullshit or bias towards anyone.Updates: intoxicated
description_4   .co.za/discord | twitter.com/IG_bawNg | fb.me/intoxicated
ent_cnt   77169
fps   254
fps_avg   252.80
gc_cl   105
gc_mb   1604
gmd   The default Rust survival gamemode
gmn   rust
gmt   Rust: Survival Mode
gmu   https://rust.facepunch.com
hash   6d9dc4b8
headerimage   http://rustbattleroyale.com/img/vanilla_header.png
netcode   17
os   l
pve   false
queue_players   0
sq_pm   150
uptime   30325
url   http://intoxicated.co.za
version   2211
world.seed   2001
world.size   3700

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