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Location:  Russian Federation, St petersburg
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This is an original game mod written from scratch. It includes the best technical conclusions, a pleasant visual presentation, and the key is a sweeping choice of actions. Our task is to give the players an original server for a comfortable game and a pleasant pastime.

  • Freedom of choice.
    Set your own criteria and rules, be the most influential server player. Make a gang or a criminal company. Start speaking with a bad young man: kidnap people, engage in extortion, do errands, commit raids and robberies.

    But at any moment it is possible to run across to the bright side. Be the head of power structures, keep order in the state. Organize raids on criminal areas, open gangs and conduct sonorous RP arrests of the most respected people in the state.
  • independence
    Tired of criminal showdowns and constant harassment of the police, but don't respect the laws and train the status? Start working for yourself! Earn a personal pickup truck or truck. Be an autonomous freight carrier, get a decent salary for your personal work.

    But that's not all. You have the opportunity to acquire a personal business in the world of GTA 5 WixRP and finish working, the funds themselves will come to your account. The key is to control the quantity of the product in stock and watch your rivals.



  • vk.com/wixroleplay
  • discord.gg/5yqtu9z
  • www.wixrp.com
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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gamemode   roleplay
lang   ru
url   www.wixrp.com

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