Last night Valve released the first video showing the gameplay of "Half-Life: Alyx".

The main character is in the train car, pulls a gun and shoots zombies. Then it becomes clear how the movement in the game proceeds. You cannot walk. You can only choose one location for the "teleportation".

Then we see the process of improving the weapon with a special machine.
Then we are shown the process of searching the lockers and buckets. It becomes clear that we can take and throw all the objects. Not only lift them, but also pull them at a distance.

Alex finds a kind of vial, which she says is used by her opponents, and asks her interlocutor on the radio: "Is it safe to use it on people?  She receives an affirmative answer, and we see a process of health recovery.

At the end of the video the protagonist is attacked by zombies from all sides and it seems that there is no way to defend herself...

The second video shows the process of hacking into a door snag.
It also becomes clear that, of course, there will be small puzzles that will have to be solved to pass on.

The last video shows us a real gunfight with our enemies.

IGN has also published an exclusive 9-minute gameplay video.

The latest IGN video shows that you can still move around in the game not only by "teleportation". In the settings of the game you can choose the usual way to move.