We are a bit late with our results for 2019, but we had to wait for all the interesting statistics.

📈 And so the most pleasant news is the increase in website traffic. Comparing the visitor numbers for 2018 and 2019, the average increase in visitors was 70%! By the end of the year, there were already more than 35,000 unique visitors per month.
The growth of visitors by country:

  • Russia: +75%
  • Ukraine: +84%.
  • Belarus: +60%.
  • Kazakhstan: +55%.
  • USA, +101%.
  • Germany: +124%.

🖥 The total number of servers in the list has doubled!

♻ As we try to keep the list of servers clean, we have removed more than 20,000 servers in one year!

👍🏻 We have added support for 19 more different games during the year!