Valve transferred Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to a free-to-play model and added a "Battle-Royal" mode to the game.


Now, to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive you do not need to buy it! Previously, there was already a free version of the game, but it could only be played with bots. Now there are no restrictions!
Players who bought the game previously will receive the "Prime status". Players with "Prime status" play matchmaking only with players who also have this status. "Prime status" also gives a bonus for survival and of course the boxes. Earlier, getting Prime was harder. It was necessary to set the phone number, get to level 21. That created difficulties for cheaters.
Now you can simply buy Prime status. Therefore, many players are afraid that there will be more cheaters with Prime status.

Danger Zone

Valve created a separate map for their Battle-Royal.
The developers say that their "Battle-Royal" will be much faster than others. The average match time should be an average of 10 minutes.
You can play alone or in co-op together or three. If you play solo, there will be 16 players on the map. If in co-op, the total number of players will be 18.
Before the match, you choose the landing zone, and you can also see the landing point of your allies.
In the game you have a tablet with you in which you can view the map, as well as see an approximate area of ​​activity of opponents. As usual during the match you are looking for weapons, ammunition and first-aid kits.
During the game, you get money that can be spent on ammunition or first aid kits using the same tablet. But the delivery of your purchase is done by the drone, which can give out your position.