- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk

Version: 1.08.153276
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Location:  Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk
Added: 3 months ago
Information updated: 41 second ago
Map: deerisle

Hello everybody!
I invite you to the new!

What are you waiting for:

  • the map's territory is homely and unfamiliar to explore,
  • new cities,
  • Islands with remnants of ancient civilizations,
  • mysterious rogue villages,
  • flooded military bases,
  • abandoned research laboratories,
  • a destroyed nuclear power plant,
  • tunnels, caves and mines.
  • Rebuilt system of spawn loot, transport, animals, hunting and zombies.
  • Fleet of survival vehicles, helicopters.

Just find us: in the search bar of the launcher, type the server name or use our IP address
Our channel in discord: https://discord.gg/95NsJ6e

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   ty FrameworkбuмhФ’Livonia DLC
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description   DayZ
island   deerisle
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version   1.08.153276

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