- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Balashikha

Version: 1.07.152959
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Location:  Russian Federation, Balashikha
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collection on https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1992037681

Our group at Discorde https://discord.gg/msKxBe
We are waiting for you on our new project, interesting mods, adequate server administration.
For all questions, contact our group at Discord.

The most basic and main rule of a server, a player should follow physics laws in the game, do not use do not subject matters hanging in the air for yourself to understand anyone.

  1. It is forbidden to use cheats and other software to gain an advantage in the game.
  2. It is forbidden to raid foreign bases with bugs / lags / cars through textures, etc.
  3. It is forbidden to block bases / buildings of players from the outside (fences and other obstacles) and other obstacles to the game process of other players.
  4. It is forbidden for a player’s body to penetrate into / onto textures, to look into ceilings, to cling to walls to look into them and the like.
  5. It is forbidden to put beds on any textures other than earth.
  6. It is forbidden to build close to military facilities closer than 200 meters.
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description   DayZ
island   chernarusplus
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version   1.07.152959

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