- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Chaykovskiy

Version: 1.07.153006
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Location:  Russian Federation, Chaykovskiy
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Our server is Vanilla, for all players who enjoy classic Dayz Standalone.

Our discord https://discord.gg/vFDtMPK
Our VK community: https://vk.com/badsantaarma

We don't use mods, but we modify some main scripts of the game to improve the gameplay.

The rules are simple:
No cheating, no glitching.

Set your nickname in game launching parameters like "-name=yourNickName",
otherwise you'll be kicked back to lobby, 'till nickname is correct.
Your nickname must NOT be "Survivor".

Stamina is a little extended and it's regeneration speed is increased.
Raids become harder but possible.
It will take a lot of time to break something.

Build anywhere.
Don't kill respawned players on the coast.

It's very simple to recognize the server's administrator: he is in santa's hat and NOT armed.
If you see a player in santa's hat and with some weapon - this is NOT administrator!

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   aKп…Ф’Livonia DLC
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description   DayZ
island   chernarusplus
language   65561
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platform   win
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requiredversion   107
timeleft   15
version   1.07.153006

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