- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Khabarovsk

Version: 1.08.153276
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Location:  Russian Federation, Khabarovsk
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The website https://vk.com/dayzcrazyrussia
Administrator https://vk.com/gabuzy
Discord https://discord.gg/MFwWK3f

Server KILL=BAN | PVE ONLY - Password on the server to 777
To play on the server YOU need to set YOUR INDIVIDUAL NICKNAME, how to do this read in this post - > https://vk.com/topic-66457174_39197497

After all, the most important rule on our server is a complete ban on the use of weapons against other players. Players who violate this rule will permanently lose access to the server.

The purpose of our server is to make you feel safe when walking in chernorussia; to make you walk along the shore, enjoying the scenery, without hiding in the woods, and without being shot by a camper sitting on the roof of a police station; so that you and a friend can go to the server and spread loot on the road in the center of Elektrozavodsk, without being killed by a queue from the M4.
Our goal is to make you happy!
You need a server if:
- you are tired of dying from the bullets of campers when running from the NZ to Elektrozavodsk;
- you need to go in, and in silence without fear of being shot, dress up, eat and enjoy the atmosphere.

During the server operation, our team has studied all the features of the servers in Dayz Standalone. That's why we decided to use this knowledge so that you can go about your business in the game without wasting your nerves. We take care of the nerves!
The server is password protected and only our users can access it. You can be sure that on the server you will only meet members of the CRAZY RUSSIA team and the same honest players as you.

1. It is forbidden to play with the nickname " survivor"
2. It is forbidden to copy the nicknames of other players and members of the administration, to introduce yourself as a different person.
3. It is forbidden to use insults to other players in direct or indirect form. To incite ethnic hatred, to touch on political and religious issues.
4. It is forbidden to use obscene language in communication with other players.
5. It is forbidden to condemn the actions of the project administration (not to be confused with discussion, it is welcome to improve the quality of the game).
6. It is forbidden to build bases within a radius of 800 m from trade zones (Green mountain, Kumyrna, Lembroke) and 800 m from military facilities (all bases built in violation of this rule will be removed)
7. It is forbidden to use bugs/flaws in the game/mods in any form (violation is punishable by a ban).
8. It is forbidden to enter the player bases.
9. It is forbidden to be on the territory of someone else's base without the owner's permission.
10. It is forbidden to harm other players directly or indirectly.
11. It is forbidden to build other people's databases with restrictions on the owner's access to their own database.
12. It is forbidden to build any roads other than dead ends.

Full list of rules in discord

Password on 777 servers

Attention to players! On all our servers.
The anti-trade system works as follows.
When installing a lock within a radius of 100 meters, no one can build anything, disassemble anything, permanently install barrels and tents.
That would be something to take apart or build you need to remove the lock.

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description   DayZ
island   chernarusplus
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os   w
platform   win
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requiredversion   108
timeleft   15
version   1.08.153276

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