- DayZ Standalone server from  Russian Federation, Khabarovsk

Version: 1.08.153276
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Location:  Russian Federation, Khabarovsk
Added: 1 year ago
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Website https://vk.com/dayzcrazyrussia
Admin https://vk.com/gabuzy
Discord https://discord.gg/MFwWK3f

To play on the servers you need to download all the mods and subscribe to the mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?i..
next, in the launcher, put a check mark on the CRAZY RUSSIA mod, it will load the necessary ones.

The main rule of DayZ is to survive at all costs.
Servers that do we have cheaters and extorsion, and if there are banned immediately.

169 / 14168
Points: 448
Player nameScoreTime
[No name] 1000:45:46
[No name] 2000:17:44
[No name] 3000:16:57
[No name] 4000:15:51
[No name] 5000:13:01
[No name] 6000:11:57
[No name] 7000:05:54
allowedbuild   0
anticheat   1
appid   0
bots   0
dedicated   1
description   DayZ
island   chernarusplus
language   65561
netcode   17
os   w
platform   win
requiredbuild   0
requiredversion   108
timeleft   15
version   1.08.153276

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