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Steam mode - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1980323169
Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/5z3tWhs
Vk Group - https://vk.com/lastraydayz

-Good time survivors.

In this post I will describe what our server consists of and what are its main advantages over other projects.

We tried very hard on the balance of the server, this is manifested both in the spawn of loot, and in any other game situation.

Restart on the server every four hours.

- Server Features:

  • There are no merchants on the server.
  • Our server is divided into two components PVE / PVP. A PVE zone is highlighted on the map for quiet survival.
  • Infected people and animals carry the deadly virus.
  • A large number of custom wreaths.
  • A large number of automatic events!
  • Loot in cities and towns increased.
  • Increased spawn of cars and spare parts. And added insulation in cars, so that it was comfortable to hear each other.
  • An installed system of airdrops that fly 2 times for restart.
  • There is a bridge to the prison island, and in order for the campers not to be able to kill a player running along the bridge so easily, various equipment and shelters are added.
  • In addition, there are things that are collected in a modular way, that is, you can attach pouches to unloading.
  • There is a radiation zone at the military bases of Tisza and Troitskoye for the umpteenth time, after a restart, a barrel appears with a very rare loot that cannot be found in any other places. To get into the zone you need to collect a radiation suit.
  • There are caves throughout the map. There are about 12 of them. If you are lucky to find one, then be sure to build up.
  • Increased number of zombies.
  • The ANTI-RAID system has been installed. Outside, your buildings can not be dismantled, only from the inside.
  • Raids are allowed from 8:00 to 00:00 Moscow time.
  • The ability to raid using C4.
  • Endless stamina.
  • Additional navigation. There is a degree scale using a compass and a built-in map that only works if you find it in the game.
  • An increased amount of blood when hit, adds an entourage to the game, and also if you managed to shoot someone, then there will be a bloody path behind it and you can track your prey in the wake.
  • Extra clothes that fit into the atmosphere and look really beautiful. Things like a poncho or sweatshirts from the subway.
  • You can find out the nickname of the player (dead).
  • Very frequent events from the Server Administration!
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