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Location:  United Kingdom, London
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We welcome you survivalists to our server. There are not a billion loot, a fleet of cars on every corner, and weapons that you stumble over. Reworked the character's metabolism. Established diseases.
In General, the PVE server, any damage to the player will be returned to the attacking side, and the victim will be instantly restored HP, with the exception of PVP zones.


  • When you click on the "T" button, the item in the hands of the character will be removed to the inventory, if there is free space.
  •  Medical report in Russian.
  • There are PVP zones military bases Tisa and troitske.
  • Established toxic zones at all military facilities (except small ones)
  • Installed mods for additional database buildings
  • Added new weapons, clothing sets and tools - but you need to search for them)
  • The server has a trading zone on the Altar. All prices are processed, do not expect that you can raise millions there)

Come try and play. Administration is always online.All other details and questions can be found in our discord at the link below


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