- DayZ Standalone Server aus  Russische Föderation, Moscow

Version: 1.12.153904
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Ort:  Russische Föderation, Moscow
Hinzugefügt: vor 10 Monate
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Der Server ist schon zu lange offline und daher werden die Updates seltener durchgeführt. Wenn der Server wieder läuft, können Sie eine Prüfung anfordern. Klicken Sie dazu auf die Schaltfläche: Prüfen
Karte: chernarusplus

If you are looking for a server where you really want to survive, but at the same time it is moderately difficult and interesting, then you are here

Description of the server:

  • An adult and adequate team.
  • View from 1-3 persons.
  • Restarts every 4 hours (starting from 00:00 Moscow time).
  • Huge assortment of Transport (new and old)
  • Large assortment of clothes and weapons for spawn and merchants
  • Trade Zone: (Idol is completely redone, Hunter, Black Trade)
  • Game global chat.
  • ATM and personal account.
  • There is a Map that you can open by pressing the (M) key, there are also markers on the map
  • Codelock "code lock can be installed on gates and tents."
  • Anti-raid (Destruction of walls near bases outside is not possible, as well as cutting down locks)
  • Hunting skill leveling
  • Working illnesses, alcohol working and the need for sleep.
  • There are MUTANTS and their parts.
  • Redesigned item spawn.
  • Radio (You can listen to music in the car)
  • Radioactive zones with top loot (boxes with exclusive valuable loot).
  • Permanent inventories with prize rewards.
  • Emergency Situations Service (always help those in need)
  • Increased stamina
  • Active administration.

We will be glad to see you! More detailed information:

Discord: https://discord.gg/cRz4EwMFRY
Steam : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=2253161739

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